Success through Successful Leadership

02 Oct

gg53723185Successful hospitality teams have successful hospitality leaders – no surprise! But what does it take to be a successful hospitality leader who can consistently drive team results?

Be in the right place, at the right time

Successful leaders know which place to be at which time. Is it the breakfast rush in the restaurant or the early morning checkout in the lobby? Is it the afternoon check-in or the busy valet parking around dinner time? Colleagues respond when leaders ‘lead by example’ and successful leaders know just when to do this..

Coaching after training, training before coaching 

Coaching and training are key to the success of teams and from my experience this has been proven time and time again. Training should always come first and successful leaders will take part in training the team and passing on experiences. Coaching is the fine tuning of training and a successful leader will understand the importance of this to the success of the team. Coaching can take place at anytime and can last for any length of time.

Communication, communication, communication 

Communication will be in any text book but in reality can be tough to master. Successful leaders know that communication must take place on different levels and use different tools. Emails, notice board, briefings, posters, pictures can all be used to communication messages to your team. Without communication you do not have a team. A successful leader will master strategic communication to get the message across.

Team building builds a team 

The old classic team building is always a great way to bring your team together outside the work environment. Successful leaders will not see team building as an annual event to tick the box. They see team building as a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly activity as an effective way to bring different elements of the team together away from the work environment. Hospitality environments can become hectic – take your team away…

Be motivated to have a motivation plan

Successful leaders have a colleague motivation plan which will be structured in such a way that the team will continuously have sometime to look forward to – more information can be found in the ‘Do you have a colleague motivation plan’ blog post.

Listen before you expect your colleagues listen to you

Great leaders have mastered the art of listening before speaking – from experience a colleague who feels like they have been listened too (even tough they may not be 100% correct) is a colleague that feels respected in the team. Listen then seek to be listened too..

Inspiration is most powerful if you are inspired yourself 

Leaders who are inspired have inspired teams – you as a leader should look up to other leaders and I can guarantee you that your colleagues will follow you. But be sure to show your inspiration and seek to gain inspiration from your team. Who are you inspired by and do your colleagues know about it?

Please note: This article is published for information only and any recommendations given are the opinion of the author and therefore, should only be used if the reader feels they are applicable.

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